Learn to program robots, help them navigate and even make them dance. Work with leading off the shelf robot platforms. Choose from introductory robot programming tracks to more advanced robot programming tracks.

Get Started With Robotics

Getting started with electronics has never been easier. Use the micro:bit to design interactive games, create simple electronic circuits and possibly even build interactive programs that integrate the micro:bit with Scratch.

Interact With Real World
Using The Micro:bit

Join the global Scratch movement and introduce your child to the basics of STEM. Use Scratch to develop interactive greeting cards and games, puzzles or brain teasers. Learn fundamentals of coding through play.

Design Games & Interactive Stories
Using Scratch
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Structured Learning

KidzCanCode offers kids the opportunity to explore STEM concepts through playful learning. Our learning tracks are aimed at building logical, problem solving, analytical and reasoning skills.

Supported By Experts

At KidzCanCode you have access to our groups of learning experts over email. We work with you and your child supporting you all through the learning process. 

Get Started For Free

A large part of the learning tracks at KidzCanCode are free for you to access. We base our learning tracks on content used by some of the largest code clubs around the world.


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STEM Quotes

“I am convinced that the best learning takes place when the learner takes charge.”

Seymour Papert

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and l learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

“I never teach pupils, I only attempt to provide them the conditions in which they learn.”