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BME280 with the ESP32, ESP8266


Rui@RandomNerdTutorials has just published updated tutorials for the BME280 and the ESP32, ESP8266.

"I’ve just posted 4 new guides and updated a previous project that uses the BME280 sensor. These new guides include everything you need to know about BME280: pinout, wiring, get pressure, temperature and humidity readings. You'll also learn how to build a web server with ESP to display sensor readings in your browser. If you want to use the BME280 sensor with ESP32, ESP8266 or Arduino, using Arduino IDE or MicroPython, follow our guides"

  1. ESP32 with BME280 Sensor using Arduino IDE (Guide)
  2. ESP8266 with BME280 using Arduino IDE (Guide + Web Server)
  3. ESP32/ESP8266 with BME280 using MicroPython (Guide + Web Server)
  4. Arduino Board with BME280 (Guide)
  5. ESP32 Weather Station with BME280 (Web Server)

Hope that helps.