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ESP32 Weather Sensor

####### Email from Rob #######

Just thought I would share my current design to hold a small OLED display.

OK understanding my industrial background,   a control room would have a control-desk which housed monitors/buttons/annunciators etc that an operator would sit in front of.  These consoles used to be made of steel and quite large to hold the older CRT style displays and be formed into a large panel   So in line with my past I decided to morph my raspberrypi case into a small console.   This is in fact for my minature boiler project where I wanted to create a control console to display data.    However would hold a 0.96”OLED plus three buttons and an ESP etc.  Anyhow just thought I would share my first prototype as could also be used to mount an environment sensor/display….  This console is supposed to control the speed of a steam engine so it will be connected to an ESP which will control the steam flow into an engine.  The speed will be detected by an IR beam break sensor which will count revolutions of a flywheel.

Excuse the .4 layer height I am impatient when printing the first few prototypes however gives you an idea on what I am designing.

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PN - I've had to use a free image hosting service. The image is hosted at -


That would make for a unique Arduino/ESP32 project. Can't say I have ever come across a project that combines Arduino/ESP32 with a model steam engine.


So @rjconway what's the miniature boiler project all about?

I thought @gboyles was kidding until i went back and re-read what you had said... 🙂