Lesson 13 – Create A Virtual Pet

Study Videos – 

Tutorial – 

  1. Your next tutorial of this series is going to be, “Create A Virtual Pet”
  2. As part of this tutorial we will build an interactive game you have to feed and nurture your virtual pets .
    1. In this game you will have the option to create your own virtual pets.
    2. As an owner of a pet you will have to tend to the pet regularly, feeding the pet and making sure it is taken care of.
    3. Taking care of the pet requires you to feed it from time to time and nurse it as required.
    4. You can also change the background, add your own pets, add different types of sounds to signal when your pet is hungry, add sounds to suggest that your pet is now full and doesn’t intend to feed any more, etc.
  3. Click here to access the tutorial – <Link>. Let’s get coding!!!!
  4. Clicking on the link opens up a new window.
  5. With the window now open you should see the tutorial as a column at the right hand side of the screen.

Challenge – 

  1. Once you are done implementing the game why not try out some additional challenges. Here are some ideas –
    1. Add your own pet to the game. Try adding a few different pets.
    2. Set random timers and get your pets to suggest when they are hungry by making small noises e.g. cat purring, etc.
    3. Play different sounds when your pets are hungry and then react to those by feeding the pet.
    4. Play a sound once you have fed your pet. Possibly change the look on the pets face.
    5. Try changing the background to suggest game over when the the game has come to an end.
  2. Speak with the other kids in class and ask them for ideas on what else we might implement to challenge ourselves.

Reference – 

  1. Scratch getting started guide – <Link>