Lesson 18 – Additional Projects



  1. Listed here are 24 tutorials that you can work through with the mBot.
  2. Access the tutorial through the following links –
    1. Simple –
      1. Blink
      2. Alternating Blink
      3. Mixed Color
      4. Random Color
      5. Press button to play
      6. Play a piece of music
      7. Ambulance Sound
      8. Sound gradient
      9. Brightness gradient
      10. Fire Engine sound
      11. Value of the light sensor
    2. Intermediate –
      1. Stage background brightness
      2. Infrared communication
      3. Control movement, sound and light
      4. Move along the M shaped track
      5. Move along the S shaped track
      6. Simulate an ambulance
      7. Value of the ultrasonic sensor
      8. Stop in front of a barrier
    3. Advanced –
      1. Avoid barriers
      2. Value of the line following sensor
      3. Let me down
      4. Cliff detection
      5. Line following program
  3. Clicking on the each of the above links will open them up a new window.
  4. Once you’ve connected to the mBot using your preferring coding solution (mBlock on PC or mBlockly app on the tablet) you are ready to move onto the next tutorial.


Here are the list of prerequisites for working on the Makeblock mBot robotics development track.

  1. This robotics development track makes extensive use of the Makeblock mBot. Head over to OzToyLib and pick-up a Makeblock mBot.
  2. You will need to download and install the Makeblock mBlock code editor for your laptop/computer.
  3. The mBlock code editor supports block based coding, coding in the C++ (Arduino) language including Python.
  4. Once you’ve obtained the Makeblock mBot and installed the mBlock code editor for your laptop/computer you are ready to proceed with the tutorials.
  5. MakeBlock also offers applications for use on your tablet / hand held device. Options for the Andriod / iPad include – mBlockly or MakeBlock HD. See the Makeblock mBlock link for additional details.


  1. To learn more about the mBot head over to – <Link>
  2. To download PC software (mBlock5, mBlock3) head over to – <Link>
  3. To download apps for your Andriod tablet or Apple iPad head over to – <Link>