Here’s some curated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Learning resources. Drop us a note at if you stumble across anything worth including here.

Online Coding Tutorials –

  1. Erase All Kittens (Free, Commercial) : HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.
  2. Codemonkey (Free, Commercial) : Coffeescript
  3. Codecombat (Free, Commercial) : Python, Javascript, HTML, Web Development, Computer Science fundamentals, etc.
  4. Makecode Minecraft (Free) : Code, create and play with your own creations within the world of Minecraft.
  5. – Hour of code (Free) : Free coding resources covering a host of platforms.
  6. Tynker (Free, Commercial) : Commercial coding resources for kids.

Coding Platforms & Editors –

  1. BBC Makecode – Program the BBC micro:bit : The board to start your STEM learning journey with. Code, make, build, learn electronics, explore robotics, etc. Imagination is the only limit.
  2. MakeCode Arcade – Design your own games : Create games for miniature consoles.
  3. MakeCode for Circuit Playground Express – Design and code with the Circuit Playground Express from Adafruit
  4. MakeCode for Chibitronics Chip : Explore paper circuits and basics of electronics with the Chibitronics Chip board.
  5. MakeCode for the LEgo Mindstorms : Code, make, create with Lego and Makecode

STEM Magazines

  1. Beanz – Kids, Code, Computer Science
  2. SMORE Magazine – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math
  3. Double Helix – Technology, Science, Engineering, Math
  4. MagPi – The Raspberry Pi Magazine (Free)
  5. HackSpace – Magazine for hackers (Free)
  6. MicroMag – The micro:bit community magazine (Free)

Code Clubs

  1. CodeClub (Free, Volunteer run)
  2. CoderDojo (Free, Volunteer run)

3rd Party Learning Resources

  1. Google Computer Science First (Free)
  2. Ok Go Sandbox
  3. micro:bit of Things

3rd Party Development Resources

  1. Arduino
  2. ESP32
  3. ESP8266
  4. Raspberry Pi