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STEM Learning Resources

  1. Design games, animation, interactive programs with Scratch from MIT
  2. BBC Makecode – Program the BBC micro:bit : The board to start your STEM learning journey with. Code, make, build, learn electronics, explore robotics, etc. Imagination is the only limit.
  3. mBlock IDE – Code in Scratch, Learn electronics with the Arduino, Program mBlock Robots
  4. Python programming with blocks using Edublocks
  5. MakeCode Arcade – Design your own games : Create games for miniature consoles like the Kittenbot Meowbit.
  6. MakeCode for Circuit Playground Express – Design and code with the Circuit Playground Express from Adafruit
  7. MakeCode for Chibitronics Chip : Explore paper circuits and basics of electronics with the Chibitronics Chip board.
  8. MakeCode for the Lego Mindstorms : Code, make, create with LEGO and Makecode
  9. Microsoft Makecode – Creating engaging computer science learning experiences that support a progression path into real-world programming
  10. Program your Arduino and learn fundamentals of electronics
  11. 3D printing with TinkerCAD

Online Coding Editors & Development Platforms

Youtube STEM Channels

  1. Erase All Kittens (Free, Commercial) : HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.
  2. Blockly Games : Block coding for 5-7 year olds
  3. Codemonkey (Free, Commercial) : Coffeescript
  4. Codecombat (Free, Commercial) : Python, Javascript, HTML, Web Development, Computer Science fundamentals, etc.
  5. Makecode Minecraft (Free) : Code, create and play with your own creations within the world of Minecraft.
  6. – Hour of code (Free) : Free coding resources covering a host of platforms.
  7. Tynker (Free, Commercial) : Commercial coding resources for kids.
  8. Crunchzilla : Interactive Javascript programming

Online Coding Platforms

  1. CodeClub (Free, Volunteer run) 
  2. CoderDojo (Free, Volunteer run)

Code Clubs

STEM Challenges & Opportunities for Girls

Hands on STEM Activities – Coding, Electronics, Robotics, etc.

  1. Beanz – Kids, Code, Computer Science
  2. Careers With STEM – STEM Careers website
  3. SMORE Magazine – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math
  4. Double Helix – Technology, Science, Engineering, Math
  5. MagPi – The Raspberry Pi Magazine (Free)
  6. HackSpace – Magazine for hackers (Free)
  7. MicroMag – The micro:bit community magazine (Free)
  8. eBooks from the Raspberry Pi Foundation (Free)

STEM Magazines & Books

  1. Engineer Girl – Engineering activities for kids
  2. Teach Kids Engineering – Engineering activities for kids
  3. Teach Engineering – Resources for teaching Engineering from K-12
  4. Engineering is Elementary – Engineering resources for teachers
  5. Science for MakerSpaces – Smithsonian Science Education Centre

 Engineering Learning / Activities

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