Lesson 0 – Exploring The Neuron Inventors Kit


Setting up the Neuron Inventors Kit

Before we start working on the Neuron Inventors kit we should take sometime to familiarize ourselves with the various components. The documentation provided in this section will help you understand the following – The different blocks that make up the Neuron Inventors kit, how the different blocks in the Neuron Inventors kit fit together, how to program the blocks once you have connected them together and how to connect the blocks over wifi or bluetooth depending on the approach to get them connected.

  1. Getting started with the Neuron Inventors Kit – Neuron_Getting_Started
  2. Bill Of Material which provides a view of the different parts that make up the Neuron Inventors Kit – Neuron_Inventors_Kit_BoM
  3. Setting up the Neuron Inventors kit for use with mBlock – Neuron_With_mBlock
  4. Setting up the Neuron Inventors kit for use with Wifi – Neuron_Wifi_Block_Setup
  5. A guide to connecting the different blocks with supported electronic components – Neuron_Electronics_Guide
  6. Setting up the Neuron Inventors kit for use over the cloud –  Neuron_Cloud_Setup


  1. This development track requires the purchase of the Makeblock Neuron Inventors Kit.
  2. If you haven’t purchased one yet you might want to head over to OzToyLib and pick one up now.
  3. You can also look up each of these products at your local electronics hobby store.

About the Makeblock Neouron Inventors kit

Makeblock Neuron is a programmable electronic building block platform for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education. The Makeblock Neuron Invetor’s kit contains  different kinds of snap-on blocks with various different functions helping little creators build a variety of innovative gadgets. One can program these blocks using an intuitive flow-based programming language. With these programmable blocks young kids can explore the world of electronics safely simply by clipping these magnetic blocks to one another and interacting with the real world using the sensors embedded within them. Programming is as simple as drawing lines on the ipad/andriod app, connecting the different blocks to get them to perform the required actions. Makeblock Neuron enables creators of all programming levels to turn their ideas and concepts into reality.

You can read more about the Makeblock Neuron including the Makeblock Neuron Inventors kit at http://neuron.makeblock.com/en/.