Lesson 17 – Secret Code


  1. As part of this tutorial we will Train a computer to understand secret code words to guide a spy.
  2. Access the tutorial at the following link – <Tutorial>
  3. Guidance for teachers can be found here – <Teachers Guide>

About this course – The Machine Learning for Kids course is being built by Dale Lane using APIs from IBM Watson. Dale has done an amazing job putting together the learning resources for this course, developing integration with the back-end Machine Learning computing engine (IBM Watson) and designing a web based system (<Machine Learning for Kids>) through which he’s able to provision access to anyone who wants to take this course. Thank you Dale!!!! Much appreciated.

This course is entirely web-based and requires no installs or complicated setup to be able to use. Machine Learning for Kids was designed for use in the classroom by schools and volunteer-run coding groups for children, and provides an admin page for teachers or group leaders to be able to manage and administer access for their students. For more details about the implementation, you can see the source code on GitHub, or read some of the blog posts about the tech.

The Machine Learning for Kids course introduces machine learning by providing hands-on experiences for training machine learning systems and building things with them. It provides an easy-to-use guided environment for training machine learning models to recognize text, numbers, images, or sounds. This builds on existing efforts to introduce and teach coding to children, by adding these models to educational coding platforms Scratch and App Inventor, and helping children create projects and build games with the machine learning models they train.