Lesson 4 – Fundamentals IV

Video Tutorials – Design Fundamentals using BlockCAD

About BlocksCADBlocksCAD is 3D modeling software designed by teachers, for teachers. BlocksCAD is web based software that makes it easy enough for grades 3+ to start working with 3D modelling while providing rich learning outcomes by developing strong math and computer programming skills.  With a simple block-based programming interface, st

udents will write programs to design their models. They will build a strong understanding of the underlying geometry of the 3D space. They’ll be having so much fun bringing their own designs to life, they won’t even realize that they are doing math. With BlocksCAD you are able to design, build and program wherever you go no matter your experience level! BlocksCAD is extremely easy for anyone to use, and can be used on any Chrome or Firefox browser – on notebooks, Chromebooks, and tablets. That’s why educators, students, makers and parents love BlocksCAD.

As part of this development track you will learn the basics 3D modelling using BlocksCAD.