Lesson 0 – Setup

Study Videos – 

Setup – 

  1. Before we get started with coding in Minecraft there’s a bit of software download and setup required.
  2. Head over to the following <Link> to read-up on the entire setup process.
  3. You will need to purchase and download Minecraft from either of the following sources –
    1. Minecraft commercial version from the windows store
    2. Minecraft Education Edition
  4. Minecraft commercial version is available for everyone to purchase. Minecraft education version is primarily aimed at educational institutions, however parents who home school their kids might also qualify (See Microsoft’s terms and conditions at the Minecraft Education Edition website).
  5. Once you’ve downloaded and installed Minecraft (Commercial or Education version) the next step involves downloading and installing the Code Connection app.
  6. The entire setup process is as described here – <Link>
  7. Once you’ve setup Minecraft and the Code Connection app we would recommend that you go through the tutorials listed on this page to get an understanding of what coding in Minecraft has to offer.
  8. Clicking on the each of the links above opens them up in a new window

Reference – 

  1. To learn more about Minecraft please visit – <Link>
  2. To access the minecraft development interface please visit – <Link>