Lesson 01 – Parts List for OTTO DIY

As part of this lesson let’s explore each of the different parts that make up the OTTO DIY Robot.

If you are looking for additional technical documentation on the OTTO DIY or need to download, print the 3D parts for the robot please head over to – https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/otto-diy.

The list of parts for the OTTO DIY robot include –

  1. 1 x Nano ATmega328
  2. 1 x Nano I/O shield
  3. 1 x USB-A to Mini-USB Cable
  4. 1 x Ultrasound sensor HC-SR04
  5. 4 x Micro servo SG90 9g
  6. 1 x Piezo Buzzer
  7. 6 x Female/Female Dupont Wires
  8. 1 x AAbattery holder
  9. 4 x AA Batteries Alkaline (must be new or have 1.5V each)
  10. 1 x Micro Switch Self lock On/Off 8x8mm
  11. 3D printed head
  12. 3D printed body
  13. 3D printed legs
  14. 3D printed feet
  15. Small Phillips screwdriver.
  16. Computer.
  17. Scissors or pliers.

You can source these parts from ebay/amazon or purchase them as part of a kit from the OTTO DIY website at www.ottodiy.com.

If you are a maker, hacker and want to put together your own 3D printed robot using off the shelf components then check out this article at DIYODE – 2 Legged 3D Printed Robot.

What is OTTO DIY – Otto is completely open source, Arduino compatible, 3D printable robot which you can put together yourself. This is robotics and opensource at it’s best. The robot was designed by Camilloa Parra as a social impact mission to create an inclusive environment for all kids. Learn more about OTTO DIY at www.ottodiy.com.