Lesson 6 – Contour & Pocket Cutting + Facing & Drilling

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What is FreeCADFreeCAD is a free and open-source (under the LGPLv2+ license) general-purpose parametric 3D CAD modeler and a building information modeling (BIM) software with finite-element-method (FEM) support. FreeCAD is intended for mechanical engineering product design but also expands to a wider range of uses around eng

ineering, such as architecture or electrical engineering. Users can not only interact with this software; because of the free and open-source nature of the software, users can also extend the functionality of the software using the Python programming language. FreeCAD is currently in a beta stage of development. FreeCAD uses open-source libraries from the field of scientific computing. Among them are Open CASCADE(a CAD kernel), Coin3D (an incarnation of Open Inventor), the Qt GUI framework, and Python, a popular scripting language. FreeCAD itself can also be used as a library by other programs.

As part of this development track you will learn the basics 3D modelling using FreeCAD .