Lesson 13 : Average Weather Data + Display On Screen


  1. In this tutorial we learn how to create a list (to store multiple values of a single variable).
  2. We then grab temperature data from the internet and store it on the list we’ve just created.
  3. Every additional value obtained for temperature is used to compute an average temperature value and display it on the Codey Rocky.
  4. Access the tutorial by clicking on this <Link>.
  5. Clicking on the tutorial link will open up a new window.
  6. Open up mBlock5 and let’s get coding!!!


Here are the list of prerequisites for working on the Makeblock Codey Rock development track.

  1. This robotics development track makes extensive use of the Makeblock Codey Rocky. Head over to OzToyLib and pick-up a Makeblock Codey Rocky.
  2. You will need to download and install the Makeblock mBlock code editor for your laptop/computer.
  3. The mBlock code editor supports block based coding, coding in the C++ (Arduino) language including Python.
  4. Once you’ve obtained the Makeblock Codey Rocky and installed the mBlock code editor for your laptop/computer you are ready to proceed with the tutorials.
  5. MakeBlock also offers applications for use on your tablet / hand held device. Options for the Andriod / iPad include – mBlockly or MakeBlock HD. See the Makeblock mBlock link for additional details.