Lesson 13 – Crazy Maqueen

Objective – As part of this tutorial you will explore the capabilities of the micro:maqueen and learn how to program the micro:maqueen using Mindplus IDE.

Mindplus IDE is based on Scratch 3 and allows you to program the micro:maqueen robot using a the much loved Scratch 3 blocks.

Setting things up –  This section provides steps required to help you setup your machine to be able to work through the tutorials with the Mindplus IDE and micro:maqueen robot.

  1. To set things up you will need to head over to the Mindplus website and download the Mindplus editor for your Operating System (Windows / Linux / Mac).
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the Mindplus editor from the Mindplus website, launch the installer by double clicking on.
  3. Step through the installation and at the end you should have Mindplus IDE installed on your machine.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Mindplus editor you can get started with programming the micro:maqueen.

Download the tutorial by clicking here and get started.

Prerequisites –

  1. This development track makes extensive use of the BBC micro:bit.
  2. If you haven’t purchased a BBC micro:bit yet you might want to head over to OzToyLib and pick one up now.
  3. We would recommend that you pick up the BBC micro:bit kit which comes with a battery pack, usb cable and the real micro:bit.
  4. We will be using the official online BBC MakeCode Block editor to write code for all our tutorials. No investment required here.
  5. You will also need a Micro:Maqueen STEM robot to be able to work on this development track. You can pick up the Micro:Maqueen robot from OzToyLib.

Reference –

  1. To learn more about the BBC micro:bit please visit – <Link>
  2. To learn more about global re-sellers of the BBC micro:bit please please visit – <Link>