Lesson 4 – Driving the Motors

Video –

Tutorial –

  1. Your next tutorial in this development track is called, “Driving the motors”.
  2. Clicking on the each of the links below opens them up in a new window.
  3. Let’s open up the Microsoft Makecode editor for the BBC micro:bit using the following Link.
  4. Click on the link to the MakeCode block tutorial to open it up and get going – <Link>
  5. Let’s get coding!!!!

Prerequisites –

  1. This tutorial makes extensive use of the BBC micro:bit.
  2. If you haven’t purchased a BBC micro:bit yet you might want to head over and pick one up now.
  3. We would recommend that you pick up the BBC micro:bit, BBC micro:bit breakout board and a breadboard.
  4. The BBC micro:bit breakout board and breadboard makes working with the BBC micro:bit a lot easier.
  5. You will also need a 4Tronix Bit:Bot to be able to work on this development track. You can pick up the 4Tronix Bit:Bot from OzToyLib.
  6. If you are looking to add sensing capability to your 4Tronix Bit:Bot you will need to pick up one of the Ultrasonic sensors for the 4Tronix Bit:Bot also available from OzToyLib.
  7. We will be using the official online python editor to write code for all our tutorials.

Reference –

  1. To learn more about the BBC micro:bit please visit – <Link>
  2. To learn more about the 4Tronix Bit:Bot please visit – <Link>