Lesson 0 – Connecting Scratch 3 to the BBC micro:bit


Tutorial –

  1. As part of this tutorial we will learn how to connect Scratch 3 on your laptop/computer to you BBC micro:bit board.
  2. Only once you have connected Scratch 3 on your laptop to your BBC micro:bit can you start programming in Scratch for the BBC micro:bit.
  3. Please make sure you have your BBC micro:bit board with you. You will need one to work through these tutorials.
  4. Clicking on the each of the links below opens them up in a new window.
  5. Let’s open up the Scratch editor using the following Link. Let’s get coding!!!!
  6. Please watch the video, work through the activities as suggested.

Reference –

  1. To learn more about the BBC micro:bit please visit – <Link>
  2. To learn more about global re-sellers of the BBC micro:bit please please visit – <Link>