Lesson 16 – Flappy Bird aka LEDy Bird

Tutorial –

  1. Your next tutorial in this series is called, “Flappy Bird (aka LEDy Bird)”
  2. Check out the videos listed on the top of the page and work through the challenges on your computer.
  3. If you need help setting up the BBC Micro:Bit with scratch then head over to the following Link. Your tutorial should now open up in a new window.
  4. Let’s open up the Scratch editor using the following Link. Let’s get coding!!!!

Prerequisites –

  1. This tutorial makes use of the BBC micro:bit. If you haven’t purchased a BBC micro:bit yet you might want to head over and pick one up now.
  2. We would recommend that you pick up the BBC micro:bit, BBC micro:bit breakout board and a breadboard.
  3. The BBC micro:bit breakout board and breadboard makes working with the BBC micro:bit a lot easier.
  4. We will be using the official BBC Makecode Block editor to write code for all our tutorials.

Reference –

  1. To learn more about the BBC micro:bit please visit – <Link>
  2. To learn more about global re-sellers of the BBC micro:bit please please visit – <Link>