Lesson 4 – Familiarizing Yourself With DexterOS

Study Videos –

Tutorial – 

  1. You have a few different learning videos to go through in this tutorial.
  2. The objective of this tutorial is to familiarize yourself with the DexterOS programming environment which is used on the GoPiGo3.
  3. DexterOS is the underlying platform that was built to enable kids of all ages to start programming with the GoPiGo3 using Python, Scratch and Bloxter.

Prerequisites –

This development track is based on the GoPiGo 3.  If you do not have one and are looking to pick up a GoPiGo 3 robotics kit yet please head over to OzToyLib and purchase one now.

The recommended Bill Of Material for this courses includes –

  1. GoPiGo Robot –
    1. GoPiGo Robot Advanced Starter Kit   Or
    2. GoPiGo Robot Beginners Starter Kit
  2. GoPiGo Line Sensor
  3. GoPiGo Servo Package

For detailed list of prerequisites please refer to the first tutorial.

Reference – 

  1. Learn more about the GoPoGo here – <Link>