Lesson 12 – Let’s Play Catch

Study Videos – 

Tutorial – 

  1. Your next tutorial of this series is going to be, “Catch Game”
  2. As part of this tutorial we will build an interactive game where you have objects falling from the sky and need to move your basket or bowl around to collect these objects .
    1. In this tutorial you will write code and get objects (balls in our case) to drop from the sky.
    2. As part of this game you write code allowing the player to move a bowl or basket around the screen (only left and right, at the bottom of the screen) to be able to collect the falling objects (or balls in our case).
    3. You will have the ability to choose your own type of ball, choose a suitable background for the game, play music of your choice and any other customization that you think you want to put in.
  3. Click here to access the tutorial – <Link>. Let’s get coding!!!!
  4. Clicking on the link opens up a new window.
  5. With the window now open you should see the tutorial as a column at the right hand side of the screen.

Challenge – 

  1. Once you are done implementing the game why not try out some additional challenges. Here are some ideas –
    1. Play a sound as soon when you catch a ball.
    2. Add a variable to track score. Every time you catch a ball increase the score by 1.
    3. Set a counter that decreases say from 60s to 0s giving the user a minute to play the game.
    4. Try changing the background to suggest game over when the the game has come to an end.
  2. Speak with the other kids in class and ask them for ideas on what else we might implement to challenge ourselves.

Reference – 

  1. Scratch getting started guide – <Link>